Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guess What.

So - I've entered a photography competition. With much hesitation let me tell you. I think they're something so very nerve-wracking about your photographs displayed for millions of people to judge. Millions of people I've never even met! I think that's probably the worst part - I haven't met these people, they don't know my story, or the story behind each picture. But, it's a great experience and to get my name out there amongst others who are world renown is such a sweet opportunity! Praise God for opening this door!

Here's where you come in! Please vote for me! Don't get me wrong, it would be great to win. But that's not what this is about.... So just follow that little link, and vote as your heart desires:


Okay - so this one isn't in the competition, but I love it! Yes, it's a dead fish, but its hilarious!


Catherine West said...

This is exactly how I feel whenever I send my writing out to be read. And I will probably be freaking out if it ever gets published and sent to the masses - but it's part of what we are meant to do. Trust God in the process and know that in the end HIs plan is the best plan! That was totally a lecture to myself but thanks for letting me do it!

andrea said...

I have voted! You have a fantastically talented eye!

love.everyday said...

Thanks Andrea!!
Feel free to vote everyday! The more votes I get the greater chance I have at winning!!

Anonymous said...

Love the fish! Awesome, awesome photo. The teeth are ridiculous!! Just saying - OOOOkay then.

Love Dad

carriehammie said...

I love the fish. And I voted... TWICE!