Friday, May 14, 2010

Stephanie and Brent.

I met Steph during my first year at McMaster, and our friendship has done nothing but grow over the years. She has a personality that is so unique and so real. She isn't afraid to tell you what's on her mind, or call you out on something. But when she does, it is done out of love and so humbly.  I love that.

Steph and Brent have been dating since high school, and really always had their hearts set on marriage. Through their interactions you can tell that they're nothing but comfortable with one another - Brent knows how to talk Steph through situations in a calm yet loving way. Yet they both know how to be crazy around one another, I believe we sang Taylor Swifts rap allllllll day long. Brent eventually knew all the words. It's just the little things such as that, which made the shoot so memorable.

When they got engaged it was such an exciting day. Steph was ecstatic, and she didn't even have to say anything, because her facial expressions said everything. It was obvious that Brent had been planning this for a while, as the way Steph described the proposal, it sounded perfect.  It was such a great honor to take their engagement pictures. They were so much fun to work with, and I swear we literally laughed all day. I'm soo excited for their wedding in June! and know that it is just going to be perfect!

I love the swan in the bottom left hand corner of this picture - didn't realize until now!

This is my favorite - you both look SO happy. Can't wait for the wedding!


grace mosher said...

sarah these are beautiful photos! you really captured stephanie and brent's love! :)

Kristyn Hartford said...

Love the photos. They are absolutely gorgeous. The weather turned out beautifully too! Luck you eh?! This June for the wedding?

Catherine West said...

Beautiful pictures, Sarah. And I love the swan. I told you those lesson in swan honking would come in handy some day!

andrea said...

Sarah, these pictures are absolutely beautiful! I spoke to Steph the other day and she loves them. What a wonderful couple!

Hanna said...

well done as always west :)
stunnnnning colours!
can't wait for you to take my engagement photos some day!!