Sunday, April 18, 2010

Faith Like a Child.

It's a Sunday afternoon, and I'm soaking up the atmosphere at Starbucks. Love. 

(Shot a while back, in Vancouver March '09)

But as I sit here (on an extremely uncomfortable wooden chair), sipping my peach green tea, I find myself in a gaze of people watching. Seeing old couples slowly enter hand in hand, teens catching up on the latest gossip, business men reading the newspaper, and families with their children. Amidst all of this, I can't help but focus in on the children, and the way in which they interact with their parents. Maybe it's because I love the innocence seen in children, or because it reminds me of the ones I held in Swaziland. Regardless, I soon realized that my attention is centered in on the children, because I'm reminded of the child-like faith, I strive for.

(This is Leah, one of the girls I used to help home-school)

Thus drawing me to question: What does it mean to have faith like a child?
We say it all the time - wishing, hoping, and even praying for it. But do we ever grasp what it really means? Childlike faith encourages humility and helps us realize who we are in Christ. And without humility, well I don't think I'd ever be able to really admit my need for Christ or be able to surrender to His will. I think it comes down to dependance. - think about a child - they are so dependant on their parents for almost every aspect of their life. Because children are dependent, they must hold to the faith that they will be taken care of. If we are living in a child-like state of faith, then shouldn't we be dependant on Christ, for our every want, need and desire? I think we so quickly forget this. 

                                       (Meet Emma - age 10 - spunky and full of personality) 

So, as I end, I challenge you to strive for child-like faith in your walk. Seek scripture and prayer. 

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Catherine West said...

Emma - age 10 - yesterday!
Good thoughts as always!! xo